What to do After a Car Accident – 2023 Guide

If you have just been in a car accident, the first reaction that you will have is most likely panic. This is a perfectly normal reaction, but once you settle down from what you have gone through, there are some crucial steps that you must take to ensure your own physical and financial safety. Car accidents are very physically challenging events, but the implications stretch far beyond just injury. There are financial ramifications to consider. You can make things much easier for yourself, and everyone else involved if you are able to take some very important steps that are designed to protect the physical and financial well-being of you and everyone else that was involved.

Crucial Steps to Take

If you have been in an accident, take these steps!

Don’t Drive Away

A common mistake that is still made by drivers is to panic when they are in a car accident and flee the scene. You should absolutely NOT do this in any event. Your logic in the time might be that you are saving money by relieving yourself of responsibility, but it very rarely works out like this. Not to mention, it is also immoral. If you have been in an accident of any severity, be sure to stop your vehicle and start the next crucial steps.

Protect Yourself And Others

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Make sure that the scene of the accident is safe by setting up some sort of perimeter. If you have been put in a dangerous situation as the result of the accident, remove yourself if able.

Call the Police

The police are going to play a very important role in this process. It is important that you call them as soon as you are in an accident so that they are able to respond, ensure the safety of everyone involved, and file a report. According to the experienced attorneys at Preszler Law, when the police arrive, be sure to provide them with all the information that you know, even if you might not think the details are important. Tell them every detail and ensure that an accurate report is taken and that you get a copy.


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The next thing to do is to take photos of the scene of the accident. These are going to be used later in your report filing with your insurance company, and they can also serve you, if needed, in any legal case that might arise in the future.

Obtain Insurance Information

If there was another driver involved in an accident,  you should obtain their insurance information. Their insurance company will likely need to get in contact with you. Be sure to exchange your own information with them as well. Additionally, you should notify your insurance company that an accident occurred.

Medical Attention

If you require medical attention either immediately or on a recurring basis as a result of the accident, you should make it a priority. Be sure to keep all documentation related to your visits in case you need to recoup those costs at a later time.