Unlocking Digital Transformation with SAP Business Technology Platform

In a modern digitally-driven economy every business aims to strengthen its position and propel its development using a variety of cutting-edge solutions. One such ‘potential-unlocking’ solution is SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform), which creates a company-adjusted environment with an extensive set of tools to maximize the company’s output.

In our article, we will delve into all the BTP’s characteristics to let you see all the potential benefits you get when choosing it for your development.

What is SAP BTP?

SAP BTP is a highly efficient business environment, a cloud-based platform that provides all the tools and services to force business growth, extension, and integration with other applications. SAP BTP is like an all-encompassing business hub that regulates every type of activity and communication utilizing data analytics, artificial intelligence, automation, integration capabilities, and potential for extension.

SAP BTP is a rebranded and modernized variant of the SAP Cloud Platform, yet its benefits go far beyond cloud computing. SAP BTP enables every kind of digital transformation across all types of business operations and interactions.

How to Implement SAP BTP?

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SAP BTP is a self-sufficient system that addresses various business needs and delivers highly efficient digital transformation. It is like a box of readily available tools, each one dedicated to a particular area of improvement.

SAP BTP is certainly an asset for every business implementing it; however, it is a rather complex structure, whose efficient performance depends on the skillfulness of its developers. Make sure you contact only professional SAP developers, like LeverX, whose 20+ years of experience in successful SAP implementation will help you become one of the strongest players in your niche.

Key Characteristics of SAP BTP

SAP BTP possesses five core characteristics, which make it a highly functional solution and provide a holistic approach to a business organization:

1. Integration – every business unit is a multi-collaborative environment, which requires integration with different systems, platforms, and applications. SAP BTP provides a prolific ground and robust tech foundation for seamless integrations with third-party systems to maximize the efficiency of business functioning.

Apart from that, SAP BTP can be integrated with other SAP ecosystem modules (native applications like SAP E-commerce, SAP Transportation Management, etc.) to build a self-sustaining business structure.

2. Extension – SAP BTP lets businesses create a solid basis for efficient functioning, as well as offer a multitude of pre-built templates to satisfy the specific requirements of every business, and create a unique business environment.

3. Data analytics – data analytics is a core feature for defining the direction of development. It presents timely insights into the performance of every functional structure, letting businesses make timely solutions and correlate their business strategies according to current market conditions.

4. Data management – SAP BTP provides a scalable and secure environment for storing, managing, and analyzing data. All the data is protected according to GDPR and CCPA regulations (top standards of security accepted worldwide).

5. Intelligent technologies – SAP solutions are always at the forefront of development, SAP BTP is one of the best examples of it – artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Things – once there is a new tech ‘wonder’, SAP adopts it to its needs and offers its services for the clients.

SAP BTP Opportunities for Businesses

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1. Personalized user experiences

The usage of artificial intelligence creates the foundation for personalized SAP BTP experiences, adjusting to the needs of every client and tailoring all the tech characteristics to the business’s needs.

2. Native integration

SAP BTP is a part of a huge SAP ecosystem, which overall has 64 modules. The capabilities of SAP BTP allow the users to extend their vertical and horizontal structure of the company by integrating with other SAP solutions.

Such ‘nativity’ in integration creates a consistent structure, where every element is an integral part of a system.

3. Real-time insights

The business environment is continuously changing, thus, companies and organizations need to adjust their roadmaps appropriately.

A SAP BTP provides regular and timely insights into the performance, and it enables users with fast decision-making, adjusting to the current market needs.

4. Innovative nature

SAP BTP offers no-code or code-first development tools and patterns, which enables faster implementation of innovations, without a traditional development approach, which reduces the cost of development and downtime.

5. ‘Quantum’ development

SAP BTP has developed industry-specific prebuilt content and patterns, which help to deliver and deploy the project relatively faster. It provides businesses with quick-start opportunities, without losing time for full-scale development.

6. Secure environment

SAP BTP provides the top level of security and reliability of data, which allows trouble-free application development. It is provided by encryption protocols to secure incoming and outgoing data, single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), role-based access control (RBAC), etc.

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The Final Thoughts

SAP Business Technology Platform is a comprehensive set of innovative tools that allow businesses to streamline all operations and provide top-notch user experiences. SAP BTP is a real game-changer as it provides businesses with 24/7 access and insight into their performance, letting them make required changes and correlations.

SAP BTP is an empowering tool, yet, its potential can only be unlocked with the help of professionals. Contact LeverX, an SAP Global Strategic Supplier, and entrust them with your development and growth.