The Best Way To Sell Your Old iPhone in 2023

Why would you want to dispose of your iPhone? There may be several reasons. You may have switched from Android to iOS and found the change didn’t suit you at all. That’s highly unlikely, but it happens. Generally speaking, once someone makes the switch to iOs, they never go back. But there are exceptions. For others, they may want to upgrade to the latest model of their favorite phone. So what if they only bought the phone a year ago? There are those of us who, if we can afford it, like to be up to date with the latest technology.

What’s more, selling your old phone will help fund your new phone. It’s that simple. If your phone’s in good condition, you’ll have no problem selling it either. All the world loves an iPhone. The newer it is, the better. iPhones are a fashion status symbol.

How Can I Sell My Mobile?

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Ask around – Let’s say you have a lovely version of the iPhone 11, but you want to buy a newer model such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max. You could ask around within your circle of friends and family. Just say ‘I’m looking to dispose of my mobile phone. It’s in perfect condition, but I want to upgrade to a newer version. Is anyone interested in buying it, or do you know someone who might be?’ Most people would jump at the chance of a new iPhone so that should do it. So If there’s someone in your circle who would make a great buyer, I’m sure they’ll soon emerge. If your prospective buyer and you can agree on a price, then you can dispose of your phone without any bother. But it’s seldom so easy. The person concerned may want to pay for less than you’d hoped, and it’s harder to push a family member or friend on price.

Online Marketplace – If you can’t find an ideal buyer organically, so to speak, you may need to put a classified ad on Gumtree, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace or look for a website that buys and sells secondhand technology goods in your area. This could certainly help you. Lots of people use these kinds of sites to dispose of a wide variety of items, you need to take some photos of your phone and write a description, then post it to the website and wait for someone to contact you. Most people shopping on these kinds of online marketplace are usually looking for a deal, so don’t have your expectations too high regarding what price you’re hoping to achieve. However, they do appeal to the masses so you should be able to find a buyer reasonably quickly. Just ensure you’re sincere regarding the condition of your phone etc.

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Phone Buying/ Recycling Service – But the best way to sell your old iPhone is to plan to sell it the minute you buy it. How does that work I hear you ask? When you buy your brand new iPhone in the first place, and if you know you’ll want to sell it off soon, you might mention it to the seller. You should tell them you plan to dispose of the device and ask them if they have any scheme for buyers selling back their phones. Many sellers of electronic goods also have a business in selling refurbished or ‘good as new’ electronics. To have products to sell, they sometimes have schemes so that if a buyer wants to sell it within a specified period, the seller might undertake to take it back at a specific price provided the phone meets certain standards.

Another option is phone recycling companies, you’re helping save the planet, and you’re selling your phone for a high price in a convenient way for you too. All you have to do is find a website like Sell My Mobile and find the details of your specific mobile phone model to find out what price they will offer you. They then send you everything you need to be able to send it to them, and once they’ve checked everything is as you said, it is you’ll receive your money. It’s a great way to dispose of your iPhone and lots of other old technology that’s guaranteed and hassle-free.

iPhone 5 or iPhone 11? It Makes a Difference

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Some would instead buy a secondhand iPhone 11 than a brand new iPhone X. Depending on your priorities, lifestyle, or level of income; there will be an iPhone model that will be the ultimate choice for you. There are iPhone devotees on lower incomes for whom an iPhone 5 is the dream phone as it’s the very best they can afford. Some people are just devoted to that iPhone model just because they love it, and it’s what they know and what they’re familiar with. But if you go to the websites of online sellers of tech goods, you might be surprised to see refurbished phone deals available. So just let’s say it’s not a bad idea to keep the eventual selling of your iPhone in mind, even when you’re buying a brand new one.

What to expect from Apple this year

While we’re on the subject, we might as well take the opportunity to talk about what releases we can expect to see from Apple this year. There are still lots of rumors about what is going to be released, but the following are at the top of the list:

  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone SE 2

However, it’s not all about the phones as there is talk of some other inspiring tech in the pipeline.

  • Apple Watch Series 6
  • New iPad Pro
  • Air Tags
  • Apple Tv
  • Home Pod