Europe vs. the US – Who has the Bigger eSports Scene?

The craze for eSports is rising across the globe. Europe and the United States produce more revenue every year. But if we compare them, Europe is one step ahead of the United States. It is necessary to understand the eSports scene and how it is different in various places.

People are getting paid to participate in video games, and in this way, they are making money during the pandemic. The famous games involved are soccer and basketball. Visit to know more about eSports teams and choose your favorite one.

The young generation wants something entertaining to stay away from pandemic stress and pass their time. Nowadays, many tournaments are happening across the globe, and people are showing their interest in participation.

In the following write-up, we will compare the status of eSports in Europe and the United States and know which one has the massive scene.

eSports Scene in Europe


It is the fastest growing industry in Europe when it comes to gaining revenue. If we talk about the average increase in the market, it rises to 23% from 2019 to 2023. It is not mandatory to attend the live events when the people in Europe can watch them. Some of the famous gaming brands are FIFA, League of Legends, and Call of Duty.

The big reasons for their growth are more advertisement and sponsorships. Many big brands are also involved in the market of eSports events. The companies are doing good to promote the scene.

There is a massive growth in the tournaments in European countries. But after the pandemic, it affected the industry, and there is a drop in prizes. Now, sports fans can participate in the events and bet on their favorite teams. It is easy to engage with the players by clicking on some buttons.

After 2015, people have become more aware of these events. When it appears on many live streaming platforms, many people are watching these games. Hence, it increases the viewing hours. Due to the enhanced media coverage, it can compete against various famous sports like soccer and basketball.

eSports Scene in the United States


When it comes to comparing the eSports scene of the United States with Europe, it is not up to mark. It is far behind than European countries, and hence, it has not the biggest scene. The US audience is quarter than the audience of eSports.

Undoubtedly, it is another best hotspot for such gaming events but less than Europe. Many competitors belong to Latin America that are available in the League of Legends. America is known for its rich gaming background because many people are involved in video games.

But in eSports, they never win because some dominating teams of Asia and Europe do not allow the US to win. CoD and Dota 2 are the ones that make American countries win. But overall, the teams are weak and are not at the level of Europe.

Comparing the History of European eSports Scene with the United States

Undoubtedly, the American scene is massive if you consider some facts. Comparatively, there are more competitions, teams, and prizes. Many individuals think that it can be more competitive than Europe. But the fact is quite shocking.

After the launch of Europe’s Valorant in the pandemic, the teams played various tournaments. The prize is equally distributed to four main master spots. It makes the stakes low, and hence the challenging series of the European countries get affected. But it is found that the talent pool of Valorant is relatively deeper than others.

Many teams of Europe like Team Liquid, Fnatic, and G2 failed in the tournaments. The teams have some talented players, but still, minnow teams bested them. As per the prediction, many teams were assumed to be masters, such as Guild eSports, Alliance, and Ballista. At the end of the championship tournament, the teams got valuable points.

The newcomers replace the names of all the households. It is hard to detect the stronger one because 15 American teams and 5 European were there in the tournament. The scene seems weak for the European countries.

The history looks quite fascinating while understanding the competitive strike between the United States and European teams. The counter strike happened for many years, but later, Europe ruled it. All the American teams need to struggle a lot to keep up their place.


European Esports Success at the Time of Pandemic

Undoubtedly, the industry has to suffer from the crisis, and it is hard to tell the winner. If we consider the overall industry growth in 2019, then more than 443 million were involved, and there is an increase in the sales in various companies.

But in 2023, everything remains the same, and many users grow significantly. The massive loss happens in live events because people stay at their homes and participate in sports online. The industry switched to online formats and tournaments to remain the same.

When it comes to travel restrictions, then many teams suffer from this problem. In sales, there was a slight decline because more viewers were there. But there was no increase in the revenues. During the pandemic, many people got unemployed, and hence, they started working part-time jobs for survival.

In 2023, there was a rise in eSports, but it affected the sales a bit. The European countries were in benefit even at the time of the coronavirus pandemic.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to comparing the biggest eSports scene between Europe and the US, Europe is one step ahead of the United States. The history of eSports tournaments is quite shocking and competitive. There is a massive change in the success status of both teams.

After comparing all the events, you will know how European countries have made their way to get success. You must know how they struggled to achieve the position and defeat the American teams. It was hard for the strong teams to get defeated by not-so-strong teams.