Boost Your Gaming Experience with a Triple Monitor Extender ─ The Ultimate Christmas Gift for Gamers

Are you a gamer? Do you have a friend that is? Or is it your family member? Whoever it is, here’s a secret you might not have known. All gamers want a bigger screen for Xmas. But you don’t have to think big to go big. Here’s what we mean. Instead of looking for a bigger, heavier monitor, why don’t you think smaller, more compact, and sleeker?

The Mobile Pixels Trio triple monitor extender answers all your questions, and guess what? It won’t drain out your pocket if you get it this Xmas. But aside from the fact that it is worth its price, in this article, we’ll also tell you about the many benefits that will make gamers consider it a thoughtful gift when they use it on their laptop.

Let’s get to it!

Top 5 Reasons Gamers Consider This Triple Monitor the Ultimate Gift


Below are the things that make all gamers want a triple monitor extender and the reasons you might need one for yourself.

1. It’s Handy

This is worth mentioning. It is enough to give the triple monitor extender from Mobile Pixels a yes! One challenge that every gamer faces is that when they leave their home setup or primary setup, they cannot enjoy the same experience. But, with the triple monitor extender, they can go from place to place without leaving the experience behind, and it is made of lightweight material. So why not?

2. It’s Easy to Set Up

Not every gamer is a techie. So, there’s nothing wrong with being able to set up your gaming gizmo without breaking a sweat. You only need to clamp the laptop to the back of your laptop screen to use the laptop extender. Your laptop battery will power the additional screens, so don’t worry about another power source. Connect and start streaming without stress or headaches. A gamer will love it.

3. It Gives You More Screen Room

Video games involve a whole lot of activities going on at once. You could stream as you play, try to communicate with your other team members, and monitor other activities like live chats. Also, a wide screen gives you a panoramic view of the game (think leverage over enemies).

A single-screen portable cannot provide everything you’ll need for this deep experience. But the screen extender from Mobile Pixels gives you more room for a better and more alluring experience.

4. It Protects Your Eyes

We’ve mentioned how it gives more screen room. We can’t skip this part as well because it is super important and shows the intentionality put into making the monitor extender. The monitor comes with a blue-light filter. In 2021, people spent an average of 8.45 hours playing video games, which is just a global average.

Gamers spend a lot of time staring at the screen, but with the blue light filter feature of the triple monitor extender, you can rest assured that your eyes are safe from danger. Who wouldn’t love that?


5. It’s Multipurpose

Aside from its blue light filter feature, something that stands out is that it can be used for more than just gaming. Just like other multiple monitor setups help you be more productive, the triple monitor extender also does the same.

You can easily switch to other work and easily multi-task across the different screens. Imagine receiving a gift that helps you have fun in your leisure and allows you to be productive and efficient during work. You now see why this is the perfect Christmas gift.

Where Can You Get One Before the Rush Hour Xmas Season?

The fastest and most reliable place to get your hands on the triple monitor is on their official website. By visiting that website, you have eradicated the risk of falling into the hands of fake vendors. You would also be able to secure yourself some complementary services like free shipping, a warranty, and so on. Also, the Mobile Pixels website is running a discount for all who want to get their hands on the gadget before Christmas.


On a final note, there are a whole lot of gadgets that gamers will love, but if you intend to give something thoughtful without breaking the bank, then the Mobile Pixels triple monitor extender is the ultimate Christmas gift. If you know someone who’s a gamer, or maybe you are (who says you cannot be your own Santa), then gamer, you better hurry!