8 Tips for Safe and Carefree Biking to the Beach – 2023 Guide

You can’t spend the whole summer without carefree biking down the beach. If you’ve tried it before, you’ll understand what I am talking about. But if you haven’t, don’t miss it for anything in the world. Those waves that rise from the beach during summers can make you very happy. If you’re a parent, your kids can also enjoy their summer breaks riding to the beach. The fun is endless and unimaginable, but there are some tips and rules to follow.

So, to enjoy a safe ride at the beach, follow these important tips for your safety and happiness.

1. Ride with a suitable bike

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To enjoy safe and carefree biking to the beach, you must use the bike that’s suitable for your body. According to Thrill Appeal, some bikes can cause strain to your body while there are others that ensure a wonderful experience. Make sure that the handlebars of the bike are 1inch lower than the seat. Also, there must be one or two inches of space between your body and the bike when you’re straddling it. That way, you can say goodbye to discomfort while riding.

2. Go with the spares

Just like driving a car, you can’t go anywhere on a bike without a spare tire, or tube of course. Experiencing a flat tire at the beach can be one hell of a deal-breaker. I don’t know about you, but it’s never a fun experience. This is supposed to be a carefree ride to the beach. So, don’t allow a flat tire or tube to spoil the fun.

So before you leave the house, pack your tire levers, spare tube, a wrench, and any other tool you need to change a flat. That way, you’ll be prepared for an emergency. Smart right?

3. Protect your bike from saltwater and sand

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If you don’t have a sturdy bike,you’ll need to protect it from these two elements. Saltwater and sand can cause rust to your bike and also deposit grit into the chains. You and I know how bad it can be. So, the best way is to ride your bike to the beach and stop at a safe distance from where sand or saltwater can touch it. If you ride on the beach and allow these two elements to reach the gears and the chain, you’re not going to enjoy your ride home. The good news is that you can invest in a cruising bike for the beach. With this type of bike, you can ride free and easy without second thoughts to sand or saltwater.

4. Keep the headphones inside the bag

One of the best ways to ensure your safety while biking to the beach is to be alert. If you put the headphones on, you’re exposing yourself to danger. You’ll block every sound, even the sound of an oncoming vehicle. Moreover, you may not even hear when someone is calling out to you for help or to alert you to an imminent danger. If you must listen to music, invest in a Bluetooth speaker or clip-on radio, and attach it to your handlebars.

5. Grab a beach basket or rear rack

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A day at the beach must be fun, fulfilling, and memorable. You’re not just going to ride around without some goodies to explore. So, plan your visit to the beach very well and make some provisions to accommodate everything you need. If your bike doesn’t have a rack at the rear, it’s time to grab a beach basket. You need items such as snacks, blankets, sunscreen, towels, radio, umbrella, book, etc.

Our reason for recommending the basket or rear rack for items is to keep you safe. If you hang a heavy bag on the bars, there’s every likelihood of falling off your bike. So, invest in a beach basket if your bike doesn’t have a rack.

6. Grab your helmet

Don’t start riding your bike to the beach if you haven’t bought a bike helmet. We’re not saying that people don’t ride without it, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. A helmet protects your head from an impact on the road if you fall. If you can keep a helmet on, you’re preventing every case of brain injury after a fall. Even if you’re the adult and feel you can ride without one, make sure that the kids biking with you have theirs on.

7. Carry a cold water

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It is summer, isn’t it? There’s going to be lots of heat, and you’ll need something cold. So what do you do? Grab two plastic bottles and fill them with water but not to the brim. Leave some space in the bottle and put it in the freezer overnight. The next day while going to the beach, pack one frosty bottle with your food to keep them cool. Then add a little water to the next bottle and throw in the cage for sipping as you ride along. This is why we tell you not to miss a day at the beach during the summer. You’re in for lots of fun and cool drinks.

8. Avoid dehydration

It’s summer, and the air is hot. Also, as you ride, you’re going to expend some liquids in the form of sweat. Moreover, as you swim in the beach or laze around under the sun, you’re losing water. So, make sure you have all those water bottles or beverages with you as you go. Sometimes, it’s hard to see these things on the beach. You may not find a vendor selling those drinks so, attach bottle cages to your bike and carry enough water as you go. As you also pack your goodies, add some sweet beverages to replace the water you lose very fast. One of the worst things that can happen is to faint at the beach. So, don’t spoil all the fun by riding in an ambulance to the hospital. Always stay in charge of your beach time.


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Spending your summer at the beach is crazy awesome. You can even ride with friends and enjoy beach picnics or games. But make sure you’re ready and prepared against every unplanned event. Go along with your spares and protect your bike from sand and water. Also, prevent dehydration by packing liquids to the beach. As you follow these tips, be ready for an amazing experience. Go here for a review of budget fat bike models.