8 Mistakes Students make when Writing Critical Thinking Essays

Assessing students’ knowledge and skills is an important part of the educational system. A critical thinking essay is considered an effective way of verifying students’ abilities and knowledge. As a result, university students are often made to write such essays.

While writing an analytical essay, the students need to do an in-depth analysis of the requisites of the question. They are often asked to analyze the tone, feel, the narrative of a particular film or a novel.

Writing such an essay is quite a daunting task. The students face difficulties related to finding the logic behind the story’s presentation, searching for the required information, etc., and to top it all, they need to do it all within the time provided.

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While writing such an essay on your own, you need to avoid making a few common mistakes. Below mentioned are the common errors made while writing an analytical essay.

Mistake #1: Misunderstanding The Meaning Of The Topic:

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Make sure to understand the topic well. An incomplete understanding of the topic will cost you heavily. Read the topic provided and conduct extensive research on it. Start writing after you have completely understood the basic idea and the topic’s aim. Also, make sure that the essay’s facts are correct and written in an orderly manner.

Collect more and more information on the topic of the essay and for this, you can take the help of the internet and libraries. You can also get information from your teacher about books or articles related to the subject.

If you want to use a definition or statement, then write it down and note its source. Make sure to mention great men’s statements, especially ones that emphasize your thinking.

Also, make sure to discuss your topic with your friends or family. Note down the key points from the discussion and, if correct, use them in the essay.

Mistake #2: Long, Boring Introductions:

People do not like reading through long and tedious introductions. Make sure to write small paragraphs with clear and meaningful sentences.

You should consider including visual aids and illustrate your statements with examples. All of this will make the essay look appealing to the invigilator. Also, make sure to include tables and figures.

Mistake #3: Incorrect Argumentation

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Students tend to make mistakes in argumentation by giving numerous examples from the novels. However, they fail to comment on or analyze the story as per the topic given. Often, they give examples that are nowhere related to their thesis.

The best way to rectify this mistake is to research properly. Make sure to read the novel again and again to understand the context.

Also, take out time to study some of the excellent essays already written on the provided topic. You can easily find such essays on the internet. It will help you understand the format you need to follow while writing.

Mistake #4: Avoid Using Long phrases

Do not use unnecessarily long sentences in an essay. Write small sentences that are easy to understand. Also, make sure to choose words that are easy to understand.

Lastly, try reading the essay out loud. If you feel that you need to catch your break while reading a sentence, you can consider breaking it into two sentences.

Mistake #5: Not Following A Proper Format:

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Students tend to write essays haphazardly. Hence, before writing the essay, make an outline of what you plan to write in it. Think of what to write at the beginning, middle, and end. Jot it down in bullet points on a page. This will help you have a clear picture of what to write and which topics to avoid while writing.

Every fact should be in order. The introduction, the meaning, cause, remedies of the problem, and the epilogue in the end – all things should be in proper order.

Mistake #6: Speech, Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation Errors.

Students often misuse pronouns and use wrong proverbs in sentences. Try not to make these mistakes. Also, make sure that the grammar is up to the mark. Silly grammatical errors can lead to the deduction of marks.

Also, do not make errors while constructing sentences. If you are writing in British English, make sure to pay attention to the spellings you use. British English and American English spell out words differently. Hence, make sure not to mix them up. You should also avoid using jargon or any slang terms.

Mistake #7: Plagiarism

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Students often state the point of view of notable writers without referencing them.
Plagiarism is strictly not accepted. When picking up ideas from some author or some webpage, make sure to provide proper reference to them.

Mistake #8: Not Checking Properly

You might have done everything correctly, jotted down the points before starting, written small meaningful sentences, etc. However, all of it will go in vain if you do not do a final check. Read through the text and correct mistakes, if any. Do spell checks and look out for any wrong turns in the speech.

It would help if you also asked any of your friends or family members to read it. A pair of fresh eyes will be able to locate mistakes faster than you can.

Final Word:

Understand the topic well and chalk out a format. Then, write small meaningful sentences. Re-read at the end and make necessary corrections.

Also, pay special attention to spelling and use phrases properly. Keep in mind that the purpose behind writing such an essay is not to cram things but to increase your knowledge and develop your thinking.

We hope that this article helps you identify what mistakes you should avoid while writing a critical thinking essay. You will write good papers that will fetch you excellent marks with this knowledge.