7 Motivational Ring Engraving Ideas To Try in 2023

Ring engraving is an act of putting some text or symbol on the metal surface, that is important to the person who is wearing it. One of the most common questions is whether it can be removed, but that depends on the type of metal, and the thickness. Engraving over thin pieces of metal will weaken it and may lead to breaking, but if it’s thick enough, it can be removed with a similar process, known as brushing. That’s why it’s always better to know what you exactly want to put on it, instead of taking the piece of jewelry to the store, asking for removing the text or symbol, and ruining its quality.

Many people decide to engrave their wedding rings, but we are not limited to it. You can get a present from someone who is important, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s your spouse. Engraving means putting something meaningful on the jewelry, so you can never forget the story behind it. This whole process means personalization, customization, and privacy, because in most cases, only you will know what’s on the inside surface of the ring.

When it comes to the ideas, there is not a big choice, because you are pretty limited, but surely you have enough space to put something traditional like name, date, or initial, then something romantic that is related to quotes, abbreviations, or love symbols, something to refer to something else, for example, Bible quotes, artistic combination of symbols, or fashionable patterns, like in “The Lord of the Rings”, and many others. As you see, the ideas are unlimited but keep in mind that there is not enough space on the ring, because it’s small, and you can’t expect to put a whole book on it, or the lyrics of your favorite song.

You can always go for something motivational or inspirational, like:

1. Significant days

Image source: unsplash.com

This is the simplest choice that can be put on the ring. It’s a simple combination of digits, and it’s easy for the jeweler to put them together in the machine, and wait to print it on the surface. But, at the same time, it’s the most common choice for couples, parents, friends, and family members to choose important dates for engraving. But, when you combine it with an important symbol and put on models and designs you can find on Enovgh.com, then you can be sure you will get something unique, that is meaningful for you, and you will always know why you chose it in the first place.

2. Something encouraging

There are plenty of things and quotes you can use as an inspiration for your jewelry engraving, like: “Congratulations”, “I am proud of you”, “All by myself”, and so on, depending on what this ring will symbolize. Most people live with the belief that the rings are given only for engagement and marriage. But, when you put a short, but still motivational and powerful message, you can be sure that the person who wears it will always remember your words, and also remember the better times even when they don’t feel good somedays.

3. A monogram of your names

Image source: unsplash.com

You can choose the initials of your names, and connect them together with something that is important for your both. If you are engraving it only for yourself, you can combine your first and middle name, or the surname, or even the nickname. No matter what’s the story behind it, you will always remember the first moment you put the ring on your finger, and what that meant.

4. Short sentences and quotes

As we said, you can’t put long messages on the jewelry, but you can still choose something really special, no matter who will wear it. Try to make it short, but still strong, and use ideas like: “Forever and for always”, “You are the one”, or “My safe place” to tell the other person how important are they for you.

5. Bible quotes

Image source: unsplash.com

Bible quotes are full of love and important lessons for the life, but they can be pretty long to be put on a ring. But, you can do something different, mentioning the name of the verse, so those who know the Bible, can find the quote, and read what’s dedicated to them.

6. Quote from the favorite song or poem

Many people have favorite songs or poems, that have a deep meaning for them. If you know that, you can put the title, or their favorite phrases from it. And don’t forget that you still can do this for yourself, as a motivation to move on and embrace life.

7. Geolocation of your important locations

Image source: unsplash.com

You can easily find the geolocation of the spot you met or proposed or the place where your life started all over again. If that’s important and motivational for you, there is nothing that can stop you from putting in on your ring.

How is this whole process going?

Once you decide what do you really want, you have to make sure it will fit on the ring. Sometimes you will have to optimize your ideas or choose a larger piece of jewelry, the jeweler can work on. Make sure that the ring fits well, especially when you are buying it for someone else. Make sure you are giving the right information to the jeweler because once it’s engraved, there is no much space for corrections. So, write it down on a paper and check the spelling at least twice, to make sure everything is alright. Then, they will use the appropriate method to put your text or symbol on the ring.

Remember that this type of gift is only for special and important people, and you can still buy it for yourself if you like the idea to keep yourself motivated every time you see your own hand. You can find inspiration in everything around you, but surely, the most interesting and encouraging one is your own life, and the things related to yourself, and of course, the significant people around you. The ideas are unlimited – you only have to know what you want exactly, find the best jeweler in your area, and proceed with your idea until it’s completely done.