5 Reasons Why Biker Fashion Will Probably Never Go Out of Style

A biker wouldn’t have to ask this question, so we’ll guess you are not one. If you were, you’d be hitting the road now, dressed accordingly, and wouldn’t be reading this piece. But, we’ll be assuming you want to be one or at least follow this trend. If nothing else you want to know how things stand and to hear our five reasons why biker fashion will probably never go out of style. Yes, we have that many, and after reading this text you’ll be much more understanding about this type of clothing and styling. To have an appearance of a biker you don’t need only a motorcycle, you need grit, spirit, and the desire for freedom to fully grasp it. They’re fashionable without the desire to follow fashion at all. How is this even possible, you must be wondering. Well, our dear reader the answer waits below.

Because Leather Jackets Are Cool

Image source: unsplash.com

When we say leather, we mean it, and we trust that black is the best selection. These jackets come in all sizes and shapes, and colors of course. You can choose whichever you want but, but as we said, if you want to understand the longevity of this fashion direction, black is the color. With all patches, collars, and epaulets these jackets can have, they add a certain charm to every rider out there. If you are a member of a biking society of any kind and wear their emblem or logo on the back or chest, it’s hard to overshadow you regardless of your companions. Zippers and chains of all sorts are also found on leather jackets and are also creditable for their stay in pop culture.

Biker-Inspired Accessories

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You need to understand that biker fashion is not only for bikers. Yes, it would be good if you wear this style and ride a bike at the same time, but you can do it even without a motorcycle. We’re not judging. When it comes to accessories you can choose from hundreds of options. Biker fashion in this regard looks like a combination of hard-rock, metal, and punk. When we say this we have James Hetfield from Metallica on our mind. That man knows how to sport an accessory. We’re not sure if he has a motorcycle, but if he does, there’s no surprise there. Accessories for bikers can be almost anything, and we’re not speaking only about fashion assets, but also about protective gear. The ones that ring a bell for most people include leather bracelets, chokers, clothes filled with spikes, and studs. Not much jewelry-wise can parry the items bikers love to have on them. This is why it’s hard to imagine it seizing being popular anytime soon. You can wait for it to happen, but we wouldn’t waste time if we were you.


There’s some weird attraction between people and skulls. Is it the inevitable death? Or it might be that all of us have a skull. It must be pirates, you can bet it, right? Whatever it is skull prints and designs are part of fashion since the middle ages. In more recent history you have people such as captain Flint and Blackbeard sporting this emblem like a boss. Jolly Roger is a historic sign and as such found its way to fashion items. Of course, skulls on bikers tend to be all shapes and sizes, and in various forms, but you get the point. Fashion icons on bikes have skulls on scarves, bandanas, rings, earrings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, and where not. We won’t even mention skull prints on t-shirts and jackets. If you want some of the pieces we mentioned above feel free to click here.

Selvedge Jeans or Leather Pants

You can’t outsmart or outran this piece of clothing. It is evergreen. You know what are selvedge jeans; those with blue-edged thread. They have a piece of fabric going around the outer seam. These jeans scream quality, and they are, which is why they have such longevity. You need to know that the king of rock’n’roll wore them. Yes, Elvis Presley, we’re looking at you. These jeans last longer than their regular counterparts which is yet another reason why people still buy them in mass quantities. We shouldn’t even waste words on black leather pants. They’re super popular for more than a century and not only in biker circles. Long live leather pants!

The Boots

Image source: unsplash.com

Don’t even get us started on boots. Biker boots go a long way. For most bikers, bikes are like horses and you need a good pair of boots to steer the horse the right way. This is not something anyone wants to leave to the case. This is why they were and are so popular. By careful selections, bikers made them popular as only the best pieces were visible to onlookers. Today everyone wants to have a pair on their legs regardless of their transportation. You only need to decide what type do you want. You have them in all sizes and shapes. Pick your poison. There are Harness or engineer boots; then you have shorty boots, tall biker boots, motorcycle police patrol boots, race and motocross boots, upper design, boot shaft ones, shaft height, calf circumference, lower vamp design, sole design, and so much much more. We can’t possibly put them all in only one article.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. Now it is easy to understand what gives the biker fashion its longevity, and why it will last for much more. It’s hard to counter that pieces that make one biker outfit are all fashionable. Even if you don’t pick it all from head to toe, you at least can choose one item of these we mentioned. All of us probably have some of it in our wardrobe. So, while none of us wear full biker outfits, or even have a bike, there’s that one skull t-shirt, leather jacket, or a pair of boots. And this is why biker fashion will never go out of style.