3 Signs your YouTube Channel Needs a Better Marketing Strategy

Creating your own YouTube channel is a big and exciting step for many content creators. This platform has achieved incredible success in a short time and has enabled many to create a business, high income, or just share with others something interesting and useful and express their creativity. If you have started your own YouTube channel, it is crucial that you work on improving it and developing an optimal marketing strategy so that it grows successfully over time. In case you are not sure whether your YouTube channel is progressing or stagnating, it is necessary to pay attention to these few signs that can very clearly indicate that your channel needs a better marketing strategy:

1. Your videos have a low number of views

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The first and logical sign that you need a better marketing strategy on your YouTube channel is the low number of views on each of your videos. It seems that everyone’s focus on this platform is to gain a lot of subscribers and a huge number of views. To be clear, the number of video views is not the only metric that matters. Many people have a successful channel and a successful business despite the low number of views because YouTube content is just an add-on to their business. However, if you aim to make YouTube your only job, views are very important.

Of course, when you are at the very beginning and have just started your YouTube journey it is completely normal and expected that not many people will watch your videos, especially if you do not send them there from some other platform where you have a large community. But if time passes and you don’t see any progress, it’s clear that you need a better marketing campaign that will allow your videos to reach more people who will love them.

Note: While the number of video views is important for your progress on this platform, remember that the biggest focus should always be on the quality of the content. Your goal should be to bring as many people as possible to your channel, but also to keep them there and for them to keep coming back because they like what you create.

2. Low number of subscribers

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You may have a lot of people coming to watch your videos, but you’ve noticed that the number of your followers on YouTube isn’t growing at all. Making money from YouTube is affected by several different factors, such as the number of views, the part of the world your viewers are from, but also the total number of your subscribers. If you want this number to grow over time, it is important to improve your marketing strategy.

If you are wondering why this number stagnates, the reasons may be different. Maybe people feel repulsed by something in your videos, and maybe you just don’t emphasize enough how important it is for them to subscribe to your channel and why should they do it. If this is the case, you need to take the right steps to change things in your favor. At vintaytime.com you can read a lot more about optimizing your YouTube channel and how to get more organic viewers on your videos.

3. The average view duration for your videos is very low

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Another significant indicator that your YouTube channel needs a better marketing strategy is the low average viewing time of your videos. What does this mean? It means that your viewers are not watching your video to the end for some reason.

One thing to keep in mind is that the first 15 seconds are crucial in all videos on YouTube because they show if viewers have entered the right video and if they are really interested in the topic. Usually, the biggest drop in viewers is expected in the first 15 seconds, and if you notice that this is the case with you, it doesn’t really mean anything significant and there is no reason to worry. However, in case you notice that your viewers turn off the video at different times while watching it, this can be an alarm.

What are the reasons for this?

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Before you conclude that you’re a bad YouTuber and don’t stand a chance because you can’t keep viewers on your content, we suggest you take a step back. There are many reasons why people give up on your videos.

For example, it is possible that the title of the video and its content is not directly related, which basically means: reading the title, people think that they will find certain information in your video, but this does not happen and they give up on it very fast. Maybe your introduction is very long and people get bored because you don’t seem to get to the point. Try to keep the introduction short and clear, and then move on to the main topic that really interests the viewers.

Another thing that viewers prefer with YouTube videos is high quality and good resolution. It is the twenty-first century and people want to see a clean, beautiful picture when they watch a video. If your videos are generally of poor quality, chances are good that people will feel repulsed by them, even if the content is great. Aesthetics are important and you should always try to improve them.

Lastly, viewers really don’t like it when you throw a paid advertisement in their face at the beginning of the video. Yes, you may be making money from it, but it’s not something viewers enjoy. Of course, this does not mean that you should do paid commercials, but that you should make an effort to present them at some other moment during the video, as well as to do it subtly. You want to sound honest and well-meaning, not make people feel like you just want to make money from them.


Filming YouTube videos is an interesting and creative job that can make you famous and allow you to create a large community of people who love what you do, and also to make a profit from it all. However, if you recognize some of the signs mentioned: that your video views are low, that people are not subscribing to your channel, or that they are not watching your videos to the end, we suggest you improve your marketing strategy. With the right steps, you will enable your channel to grow and gather many interested viewers who will support you, your effort, and your amazing content.