3 Easy Methods to Unlock Protected PDF Files

There isn’t an Adobe product that is more widely used than it is the Portable Document Format, also referred to as PDF. There are many reasons why things are as they are. For one, this file is easy to directly edit. You can open it on any device you like, and the chances are close to 100% there won’t be any garbled characters. This is a trait that users know how to value and this is why it is the mode used file format in schools, companies, businesses, and of course privately. Using PDF to store data is practically the norm today.

In addition to what we wrote above, the PDF files are also easy to encrypt. This is what most users like about it. It is a common practice by most companies, that love to have added security on the files they store. There’s nothing out of the ordinary there, as it prevents unauthorized personnel from accessing files they’re not allowed to see. Encryption means there won’t be any edition, copy, or even viewing the files. PDF encryption comes in three forms and they are 40, 128, and 256-bit encryption. As you can guess, the safest one is 256-bit encryption. You need to be careful when using this one because in case you forget the password you’ll have issues breaking it. But, we even thought about that possibility so we conjured up these three easy methods to unlock protected PDF files. Check them out and tell us what you think.

Unlock PDF with EasePDF

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The first thought of unlocking or even opening a PDF file people have is the Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is normal as it is who created it. Thanks to this we are talking about the most professional and adept program for dealing with this sort of file. But, it requires paid license to run, and at times it can get too complicated for the average user. Thankfully there are other options available, and here we are going to explore them. One of the first we’d like to suggest is EasePDF.

This application can both protect and unlock your PDF file. If you use it for encryption it offers maximum protection of 256 bits. The essential part here is to know the password because without it you are practically doomed. The encryption is there to prevent unauthorized access to a PDF file. But, this doesn’t mean that it protects other files. EasePDF helps you convert protected PDF files into a different one which then can be opened, edited, or copied. The best part is that it’s not hard to use.

All you need to do is to log onto a browser on your computer, laptop, or even smartphone and open the Unlock PDF icon. The next step is the upload of the file you want to be unlocked. What follows is the confirmation that you want and PDF decryption, and that you are doing this legally. Click Unlock PDF. Once the password is entered your job is done. You need to remember that without a password this task won’t be easy to complete.

Guaranteed PDF Decrypter

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What we have next is yet another highly successful product in terms of unlocking PDF files. The decrypter that can be found on guapdf.com is focused on removing restrictions tied to a particular file. The fact that you, for example, forgot a password, doesn’t mean that your file should be left without access forever. This app will work with any version of Acrobat files all the way up to Acrobat DC. It covers everything up to 256-bit AES or 128-bit RC4 encryption, which is rather amazing. The best part is that it solves all issues instantly. Once unlocked, any file can be opened, views, edited, or copied by most PDF viewers. Furthermore, you can use it to remove the PDF open password. But, beware, the full success is guaranteed only for files that are encrypted with a 40-bit key only. Even with his restriction, this process could last a bit longer than a day. This application can be used on both Windows, Linux, and macOS to a certain degree.

Remove Password from PDF with iLovePDF

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Today, we have many PDF editors that work both online and offline. You should know that not all of them can access the encrypted file without a password. iLovePDF comes with more than 20 tools and does one helluva of a job in this department. Furthermore, it offers so much more in terms of options such as merging, splitting, and compressing this type of file. For all of you who love dealing with PDF, you’ll love options such as adding page numbers or watermarks on your files. But, the most important part, and the one we’re talking about here is the option of accessing files that are password protected. Yes, it can do this, but you need to be aware that it does not offer a 100% success rate, which is hard to come by these days. Also, the whole process with this app is quite a long one, so you need to be armed with patience.

What you’re going to love about this app is that most of the tools it possesses are completely free. Of curse, there are restrictions. You need to register, and for premium users, you’ll need to buy this tool. If you are in grave need of unlocking various files at all times it just might be worthy of your money.

You’ll notice that it is not hard to use, as you can access your files in a couple of easy steps. The first step is to go to iLovePDF for entering “Unlock PDF”. Just like with any other app, you need to choose the file for unlocking. After uploading the file that needs to be deciphered you need to click on the unlock button. The decryption will take some time, but after all, is completed you can download your file and access it anytime you like.