10 Web Design Magazines You Should Be Reading in 2024

We have already established that living in this modern world comes with plenty of benefits, numerous options, and great new possibilities. Furthermore, we can rightfully say today that we live in a digital age where, even though we are highly dependent on technology, if we would make the pros and cons list, the pros will easily surpass all the downsides. One of the largest benefits is about finding enough information, as it has never been easier to find and learn more about almost anything. Just name the topic you want to explore, and voila, after only a few clicks, you will get all the info you may need, and whether that’s via reading e-books, watching videos, or listening to some podcasts, we leave it to you.

Following the latest technological trends and discoveries is what we all do, no matter if it affects our job and lives, as we are surrounded by magazines and news on this topic. That, of course, brings many other possibilities job-wise, and if you are a web designer or just have an interest in this field, you can easily find all relevant things on this subject. Now, the most common problem today is finding the right source of information.

We mentioned various videos and podcasts as some of the people’s favorite ways of getting informed, but one of the best ways to get all the fresh news, learn more about new software, and practices web design-wise is by reading specialized magazines. Yes, it may sound silly at first, but these magazines provide the best and most thorough research and explanation of the proper use of new tech, along with the best insight into the benefits and possible disadvantages of some brand-new web design trends. The selection of these magazines is, as you could probably imagine, quite large, and picking the best and most relevant ones can be difficult, as it is also about the way they present some how-to tips. That is also why we gathered the list of the ten best web design magazines that everyone should read.

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  1. Graphic

The Graphic, hence the name, the main subject is graphic, and it is from Korea. The main characteristic of Graphic is that it is not dependent on sponsors and governmental organizations, and instead of getting money from them, they use independent journalists and popularize them by publishing their articles. It is also a host for art competitions, and the winner is published.

  1. Eye

This magazine started way back in 1990, just about when it all started, and the fact that it lasts for so long says a lot about the quality of information and how highly informed and skilled the persons who work there are. The Eye is known for its honest and authoritative reports on the latest graphic design, and if you look at all the renowned names that work as contributors here, it’s no wonder why people pick this magazine as one of the best ones out there. It provides the best review on all the latest topics and trends web design-wise.

  1. Creative bloq

The main topic of Creative Bloq magazine is digital art and web design with all its technical aspects. The great thing is that they publish few articles daily, so there is always something new to see and learn. The magazine is full of software reviews and hardware recommendations, and if you need advice, it can be pretty useful.

  1. Idea

This one is perhaps the best way to get familiar with the latest but still relatively unknown trends for a wider audience. Unlike other magazines that are more focused on western trends, this one is more focused on graphic design and typography for eastern audiences. It comes from Japan, but you can get it in both Japanese and English language.

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  1. Creative review

This is one magazine with many different subjects, but we need to mention that many subjects do not mean they are not well written. You can find articles about graphic and service design, and also about social media, advertising, film and tv, and many others. There is something for everybody, so subscribing to this magazine can be a pretty good decision.

  1. The Modernist

If you are interested in a design from the twentieth century, then there is no better magazine for you than The Modernist. You can find many things about the rural and the urban, and if you read it regularly, you will see that The Modernist is celebrating the intersection between these two.

  1. HOW Design

HOW Design is with us for more than 35 years, and from that time, they followed their mission to fulfill the technology needs, business, and creativity of designers. They offer us tips, and crucial information, so we can learn a lot from them on many subjects. They also get us insight into profiles of influencers in these fields.

  1. Offscreen

Offscreen has a lot to offer to people who want to read about the design and some other subjects in the same magazine. It has a lot of technology articles, and almost all of them are written by one man. It is not dependent on any organization or government, and it is worth reading because of the fact that it is direct and precise.

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  1. Web Designer

This one is for creative people who want to learn more and read about digital design some of the best-published articles. In this magazine, we can find many useful tutorials which can help us learn web app development and many computer languages. It is perfect for beginners, but also for experts because there is something for everybody.

  1. Smashing Magazine

It is not possible to buy the printed version of this edition but you can browse it online, and you will not be disappointed because it has much useful content, which is possible to find online about web design. For those who want to have a printed publication, there is an option to buy books collection or print them.

The magazines mentioned above can provide us with relevant information and help us learn a lot about web design, but if you are not sure where to find proper resources and bundles, visit MasterBundles and check their vast offer.

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