10 Reasons to Use WordPress For Your Website in 2023

According to Website Advisor WordPress has become the world’s most used content management system (CMS). It’s a great, useful and free platform for creating and managing websites. It’s a great, useful and free platform for creating and managing websites. It was released on May 27, 2003. If you want to start your small business, ensure it to the website using WordPress. WordPress powers 43.3% of all websites that are currently available on the web. Did you know WordPress offers more than just web design convenience? Let’s find out!

SEO Friendly

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Everyone is paying heed to SEO because Google gives priority to those websites that are good in quality and have a lot of traffic in a managed way that ultimately increases traffic. WordPress is quite SEO friendly, which means you can much more easily manage SEO tasks and get good results. WordPress itself produces high-quality semantic markups. All WordPress sites are highly ranked in Google. Additionally, WordPress also offers SEO plugins to optimize the website. So yes we can say WordPress just not only helps in web design but also in SEO. For more details about WordPress SEO, you can check https://www.yeapdigital.co.uk/

Themes And Plugins

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You can expand your website with multiple website themes and plugins. Themes are considered as the foundation of the site. Some of them are free and some of them you have to purchase. You can create an eye-catchy web design, the way you want. Above all, you don’t need to do code for web design, everything is automated and easy.


WordPress is also geared with REST APIs which permit coders to build their apps using the platform. You can also create your plugin for better dashboard experiences, SEO friendly, file management, themes installation, and optimizations plugins. It gives freedom to build apps in any other programming languages that support HTTP request instead of PHP only.

More Than One Hosting Provider

WordPress never bounds you to one hosting provider as you can switch hosting providers with no downtime or a little bit. That’s why it’s not so much complicated to jump from one server to another one.

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Universal Dashboard

WordPress dashboard looks similar to many other platform’s dashboards. So there’s no confusion at all and admin can advance his dashboard with updates like comments, daily stats, and list of new and older posts, etc.

Safety & Security

According to Google reports in March 2016, Google has warned more than 50 million website users for not providing security and breaching information. WordPress has been built by keeping security and safety factors in mind. Common threats like malware attacks and brute force attacks can be prevented with a variety of free and paid plugins.

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Supports Multimedia

Websites with multimedia options get the lowest bounce rates. WordPress can easily integrate files of any type like audio, imagery, video through embeddable codes in HTML areas, or uploading on your own.

Supports E-Commerce Stores

If you want to run a small business, a lot of e-commerce solutions are available on WordPress. You can make use of plugins to convert your website into an e-commerce store like Woo Commerce etc.

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Multilingual Support

It supports more than 160 languages across the world and hit the audience globally. English is the language that is being used, or 71% of blogs are published in the English language on WordPress.

Easy Integration

WordPress has great compatibility with third-party tools. Apart from plugins and widgets, many tools for email marketing, google analytics, and payment gateways can be integrated through WordPress.

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WordPress is a perfect content management system to be used on personal projects as well as for business sites. People are using it for blog creation, business development, marketing, e-commerce sites, and personal sites. WordPress is free of any desktop software installation and run online. So WordPress not only helps you have amazing web design with free templates, but you can optimize it well with plugins.