10 Awesome Rock Climbing Tips for Beginners – 2023 Guide

Rock climbing became popular in the 19th century. This extreme sport was founded in England, Germany, and Italy, after which an explosion of growth all over the world started in the 1990s.

In the sphere of extreme sports, rock climbing found its place under the sun. For those who are adrenalin-addicted, this will be the right choice. But first of all, we should be aware that mental and physical strength is necessary, such as endurance, balance, and climbing techniques. Before you start climbing on dangerous and high cliffs, some training and equipment are demanded in order to protect you from potential accidents. When it comes to protection and equipment, helmets are number one. You can click here and check some of them.

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 First of all, there should be mentioned some types of climbing: free, aid, solo climbing, bouldering, roped solo climbing, lead, sport, buildering (climbing over buildings), traditional climbing, multi-pitch climbing, etc. Among these types of climbing, people use different climbing techniques, depending on how good they are. Beginners are usually relying on protection equipment such as ropes, while those with more experience and real adrenalin addiction don’t use it at all, even when they are climbing the rock over the deep water. Even though it sounds very dangerous, it is actually harmless compared to free climbing if there is no deep water under the climber. In that case, it is more likely that the climber will get serious injuries or even get killed. Everyone should be aware that this is not an easy and harmless sport and staying focused is crucial.

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Anyway, if you are addicted to adrenaline, love excitement, and have no fear of height, this is the right sport. Those who tried rock climbing said that they felt relieved after it as the bargain fell out of their back. The logical explanation for that is that while you are climbing, you are focused on yourself, not thinking about problems in everyday life. It is a good way to escape from your daily routine. Some people say that after they tried this sport, they appreciated life more, being aware that it is priceless and we should enjoy it every day. Also, it is very good physical training having in mind that you have to be able to carry your own weight. 

If you still think that this is the right sport for you, here are some tips on how to get ready for this adventure:

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  1. Before you decide to try it, start with a full-body training. Endurance is very important, so every sports activity is welcome: going to the gym, running, riding a bike, rollerblades…walking also helps. You should not be focused only on legs and arms even though it seems that we use only certain types of muscles during climbing. Back muscles are also very important because you need to carry your weight on your own.
  2. Food. It is very important to eat healthy and light food before you start climbing. But, you should know that If you eat right before you start, you might feel heavy, weak, or even sleepy. It is not recommended to eat at least one and a half hours before climbing. Good recommendations are carbs because you need “fuel” so pasta or rice sounds good. You are going to need full strength for it. Avoid mixing various foods. Proteins are recommended after training. If you are planning an exhausting climbing day, dry fruits are a good solution as a snack. And of course, always have a bottle of water with you.
  3. Feeling comfortable in your clothes is also important. A sloppy tracksuit would not be a good solution. You don’t need such things to think about to distract you from your main task – focusing on climbing. Leggings or shorts are a better choice. Also, the material is very important, and you won’t feel comfortable if you are sweating additionally. Try in sports clothes, it always works.  
  4. For the beginners, we strongly advise training on improvised cliffs before you start with serious rocks so bouldering will be the right choice for you. Bouldering does not demand equipment; it is climbing on small rocks which height is 1m-10m. It is good to see how good you are before you start real rock climbing.
  5. Now when you finally conquered low boulders, it is time to get equipment and start. Like we already mentioned, a helmet is very important. Protection ropes are not necessary for every type of climbing, but for beginners, it is demanding. Using magnesium powder is always a good solution because it will keep your hands dry from sweat. Climber shoes are not required but are very helpful. One of the basic things is not to use only hands for climbing, and you have to move with the whole body and legs.
  6. Sun protection is also important. Even though it might sound funny mentioning sun protection when we talk about such an extreme sport, it is very easy to get sunburn due to the fact that you are exposed to the wind and sun. So, before you start, put some sunscreen on your face. 
  7. Get rid of unnecessary things, stay focused on your task. Forget about your phone, keys and other personal belongings, leave it in a safe place. If you want to record your climbing, a pro-go camera installed on your helmet is the right choice – you will not be distracted, and you will film this unique experience.   
  8. Make sure that someone experienced is climbing with you in case something goes wrong. 
  9. Check the weather forecast before you start! You don’t want to be stressed with weather conditions. If it rains, it is better to stay at home because the rocks are slippery. 
  10. Enjoy! Feel the freedom and indulge in enjoyment! You will realize that you don’t need much to be happy and satisfied with your life; freedom is all you need.